Management Excellence

There are many aspects to excellent management, and we’ll touch on just a few here, because leadership without good management limits what’s possible. Together, leadership and management can get the toughest projects, missions and strategies done.

Delegate don’t abdicate, and then follow up, follow up, follow up. With everything that you do, ask yourself if there’s someone else who could, or should, be doing this instead.

Be highly organized: touch everything on your to-do list only once. Don’t stack & restack your tasks. Get it done or get it off the list. Have some fun and make a list of all the things you aren’t ever going to do.

Give away your expertise. If you think you’re the only one who can get something done, start training others to do it instead. If you’re hanging on to those parts of your job where you are the expert, you’re limiting yourself and the people around you.

Show that you can manage the big things by managing the little ones first. Get the tools you need, learn how to use them, and clean up your workspace. Create agendas for your meetings and have short, focused meetings that begin and end on time.

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