Who Exactly Seeks Out a Coach? Winners who want even more out of life. - Chicago Tribune

Inga Estes

Inga Estes
Sales | Teams | Culture

Tal Ronen

Tal Ronen
Leadership | Culture

Cheri Michel

Cheri Michel
Teams | Culture

Suzanne Nason

Suzanne Nason


Barbara George

Barbara George
Career | Business | Negotiating

Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith
Business | Career

Reri MacLean

Reri MacLean
Leadership | Teams | Strategy

Ed Gurowitz

Ed Gurowitz
Leadership | Culture

PeopleGenius™ Coaches:

Have mastery in Business and in Coaching
Focus on your success
Strengthen foundational competencies
Improve critical skills
Bring out the best in you and your people
Position you or your business in fresh new ways
Design a culture that fosters success and growth
Celebrate your wins

We look forward to meeting you!

Inga Estes

Engagement Manager

This is my Dream Team of coaches.

We love working together &
we look forward to working with you.

Get Ready to Have Breakthroughs
In the Business of Your Business.

It's All About People.

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Suzanne Nason

Design with a unique Twist, every single time.

The PeopleGenius™ Coaching site is her creation
and we think it speaks volumes.

Imagine what she could do for your brand,
web presence & marketing collateral.

Does your market see you?
Can they hear you?

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Ed Gurowitz

Collaboration, Leadership, Teamwork

Applied leading-edge thinking to accelerate
performance for leaders and their organizations.

Designing cultures that generate excellence,
alignment and exceptional results.

Get a few key things really right, and
success is practically inevitable.

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Dr. Reri MacLean

Our EQ* genius.
*Emotional Intelligence

Explore how EQ & Social Intelligence move
you & your team to new levels of performance.

All great leaders build their competencies
throughout their careers.

Leadership is not management on steroids.

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Cheri Michel

Connect the dots in entirely new and powerful ways.

A talented somatic and linguistic coach
& creative business force.

World-class leadership program & workshop
designer & facilitator

Resolve those pesky people problems.

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Barbara George

Partnerships & family businesses
have never been in better hands.

Create trust, certainty, partnership,
and sustainable relationships with the people
who matter the most.

When how it turns out is up to you.

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Tal Ronen

The bigger your project, the more intractable your problem,
the more you want Tal on your team.

A driving energetic force who brings out
the best in leaders, their teams & companies

Jump into the flow of high-performance.

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Dr. Margaret Smith

One part financial wizard,
& two parts brilliant coach.

Discover the impact
of her enormous knowledge & wisdom
on your team and in your company.

Raise the bar on performance.

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