Make Everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. - Albert Einstein
Outstanding Sales




Whether you are a sales person or a sales manager, and even if you're neither, being competent at selling is a core competence. Ask any rainmaker or salesperson and they'll confirm that they learn something new about sales craft in every single transaction.

Critical Success Factors

Depending on what you are selling, your sales cycle has a particular rhythm and timing. Some industries have a long sales cycle involving months of negotiating and others are quick cycles, landing you in Sale Completed territory within a few hours or days.

Beginning with prospecting, you'll warm up your market by marketing before you engage with your prospects. Once you've identified a new prospect and begin an exploratory conversation, be sure you make an excellent first impression, whether by phone or in person. Once you connect, you have about 7-10 seconds to get your prospects attention, so drive for clear impact in those first critical moments.

When you've got their attention, make your presentation and be ready to listen listen listen to learn if you and they are in the right place. Ask relevant questions and be real with people. If you learned selling through the hard-core school of pre-closing, it might be time to upgrade to consultative selling.

Sales Mindset

When we step out into the cold, flat world of selling, we have to keep up our optimism and enthusiasm. We've all listened to sales people pitch us something that we know they absolutely do not care about. Is there any less effective approach?

The most effective presentations are made by people who love what they are doing and what they're offering. No matter what your mood is in the morning, you'll pretty much have a day that matches the very same mood you entertain and keep around. It's a sales koan: does the happiest sales person make more sales because they're happy or are they happiest because they make the most sales.

Bottom line, just be sure not to open your door or your mouth until you're in the right mindset. Getting your mindset right could be the most golden investment you make in yourself and your future.

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If sales is about eating lunch, marketing is about planting seeds for the next crop. Marketing is about making sure that when someone out there wants your product or service, you show up as a choice for them.

Can They Find You?

They can't buy from you if they don't know you're there!

Marketing sets the stage for you to be able to sell. We find it's reassuring to remember that as long as "The Ultimate Driving Machine" and "Things go Better with Coke" still market, we better keep going as well.

Your online presence has not only taken the place of the old-school brochure or flyer, but as our offices become more and more virtual and independent, who we are online has become a critical representation of who we are and what we offer.

Who are your customers or clients? What do they think about what you offer? What do they see when they look for what you provide? Do they know you're out there? Do they see you as an option? Do they hear your message? Is it easy for them to say yes?

Individuals and organizations must position themselves as experts or best in class, and then repeat the message every day in everything you do. You are connecting with people, remember, and people forget things pretty quickly. There is enormous competition for our time and attention; we are hammered every day with thousands of marketing messages. Your message has to be simple, unique and constantly repeated in order to be remembered by your market.

Get Traction, not Spin

We can spin in circles forever if we let all the buzz about marketing get to us, so sort it out.

Your marketing plan gives you traction when you capture your new contacts and flow them into your ongoing messaging. Depending on your market, social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can be incredibly useful or completely useless, and ditto with making presentations and writing articles and ezines. Your market determines your best marketing channels.

Triangulate your personal and virtual relationships and discover the power of knowing other people and making sure that they know you. Get to know people and reach out to them virtually and in person. Take advantage of this huge opportunity. Make your virtual connections real by reaching out and shaking hands with the people in your virtual networks. It may be one of the fastest ways to position yourself as an expert in your field and get traction for your service and business.

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Your statement about what you provide is your brand. Ultimately, your brand is less about what you say about yourself and mostly about what your market says about you. Let's face it, there's no amount of branding that will make the Yugo compete with BMW because the market says, "no." (and, yes, Yugo could be competitive by raising the bar on their engineering and design, but that's not the point here.)

How's your Brand?

30,000 marketing messages a day is the current estimate for how many messages we slog through every single day. And out of all those, how many do you remember seeing yesterday? Not many. You've got to make sure your message is the one that people remember. Buyers are more sophisticated than ever and love finding and using unique, excellent products and services.

Become the "ultimate driving machine" in your industry or market niche by making sure people remember you for all the right reasons. What used to be your flyer is now your website, so create your online presence and make your offer crystal clear.

Starting with an intense brainstorming session that explores what's in the box and what's not, branding is one of the most important business development strategies you can employ. Even if you're inside an organization, people know your "brand" and you can influence and alter what people say about you. It's not magic. It's organizational savvy, it's purposeful messaging and it matters.

In a Nutshell

Or a fishbowl, your brand is first what you say about yourself and then what others say about you. Often, it's the emotional connection that people make to your offer. Brand loyalty is precious.

Finding the right words to capture the essence of your offer is exponentially rewarding when it's done well. Your brand is your voice and whether it's speaking for just you or for your entire product line, is the driving force behind your marketing and sales. Brand is the emotional connection that others make with what you offer.

Jump start your branding by answering these specific branding questions: What exactly do you provide, specifically who will use your product or service, and what is it that you offer that your competitors don't? Stake a claim in your market and stand by it, then repeat it every day in everything that you do.

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Nothing happens till somebody sells something.

From prospecting to closing the deal,
Sales Coaching is one of the best investments you can make.

Marketing is planting the seeds for tomorrow's sales.

Branding is crafting how the market sees you.

Does your market see you?

Can they hear you?