The Biggest Room in the world is the room for self improvement - Author Unknown
Peak Performance

There is a powerful call for business people to innovative and develop profitable solutions that work both locally and globally. This is an exhilarating challenge that opens up enormous new possibilities when we explore the inherent strategic opportunities.

Make Success Almost Inevitable

Know why you do what you do.

There's nothing more powerful than engaging yourself and the people around you in something that matters. Making money is a result of doing lots of things in tandem, and largely rests on the "why & how" of this business. The "why" pulls talent and clients toward you, keeps you motivated and sets the stage for high-performance. The "how" is a combination of your strategy and your business processes.

Make your brand/marketing message concise.

People can't say "yes" to what you offer if they are confused or uncertain. Don't worry about being too narrow in creating your niche. When we try to be everything to everybody, we paradoxically end up being nothing special to anybody.

Build your client base.

Presenting and selling your company and your offering are critical competencies that you will continue to develop throughout your entire career. What worked a decade ago, may not work any longer; don't let your brand become tired, trite or outdated. All of Ford's cars used to be black; imagine how poorly they'd be doing if that were still true today.

Get your business size and structure right.

Examine why people are doing the jobs they are doing and why you're following the processes you're following - is it optimum for today's market or are you doing it this way just because it's the way you've always done it?

Give your people the tools they need.

Whether it's in the form of hardware or software, or it's a quiet place to work or a larger place to meet and brainstorm, it all matters and it's part of your brand. We've all heard the stories about companies like Apple. When you ask why people are so productive and proud to work there, you'll discover that there's a big check next to this item.

Apply integrity to every interaction.

Doing the right thing is often the hard thing as well. And yet, by branding your business as one of integrity, you will give yourself the confidence and clarity you need to be a great Chief Executive. When your roots are planted in integrity and excellence, you'll naturally bring excellence and integrity to everything you do.

Provide the best customer service humanly possible.

It's so much harder to get a new customer than to keep the ones you've already got. You can build enormous success in your business by really listening to your customers. Hold yourself and your company accountable for your customer's good experiences and you're on the right track.

Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions

Don't be the last to hear what people are saying about you, your company or your services. If you want to move your business into higher levels of performance and sustainability, the fastest access is to get consistent feedback from competent people on how things are going and on what could be going better. Get hungry for it! Managing by walking around got famous for the common sense approach of the boss leaving the ivory tower and watching and listening to what's going on out there.

Whatever state your business is in, from early formulation right on through concentration, stability, changes, and new growth, you've got to be good at a few things, and competent at a lot more. One of the most valuable questions we've ever asked in our companies is, "What do you need from me?" If you're willing to listen, the responses you get can be game changers.

Lovingly known as the Chief Cooks & Bottle Washers, there are few jobs more challenging or more rewarding than being a successful Chief Executive.

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Navigating your career, whether through a series of positions in one organization or several, demands that you constantly renew, refresh and add to your competencies and skills.

The Ladder to There

If you're good at what you do, chances are you'll get promoted. And, with every promotion you'll find yourself in a new environment where you have to quickly learn new competencies. What got you here won't get you there! At each new level, we have to throw away the old ladder and begin to build a new one that goes up.

Act as if! If you want the new job, start acting as if you were doing it long before you're given the new title or the actual promotion. This doesn't mean elbow your boss or team leader out of the way. Instead, be their biggest champion. Imagine yourself in the new role long before the promotion is at hand. If you are on a team and want to be the team leader, what would you do if you were the leader? This subtle shift in our point of view will have us speak up differently in meetings, have us alter the conversations we have with our teammates, and begin focus on bigger issues and challenges.

Don't be surprised if you hit the wall with every promotion! The bigger your promotion, the steeper your learning curve, and if you're smart and ambitious, you'll get lots of promotions and you'll hit lots of walls. The good news is that you don't have to do it alone and you never have to stay stuck.

Do you have an internal mentor or champion? If you don't have either, have you asked anyone to fill that role for you? The most important thing we've seen the most upwardly mobile people do, is to make sure that they act as a champion or mentor to others. People who succeed in organizations make sure that the people around them are succeeding. And, not surprisingly, they are always working themselves out of their jobs. Become more successful by giving away what you know, guiding others to success, and staying open and curious about all the things that you don't yet know.

Organizational Savvy

Savvy in an organization means that you are not limiting your own potential growth and advancement by not understanding your work environment. It means you know your way around both the formal and informal networks in your company, division or team, and you know which one is the right one to go to in which circumstance.

It's often the informal networks that we depend on when we have to get things done in a matrixed environment. The formal network is what you see on your org chart. What you usually won't see in that org chart are the interdependence of people across departments & across silos. Being able to influence and engage this informal, powerful network is a vital organizational competence and we encourage you to take the time and make the effort to become fluent in your company's language of collaboration, & cooperation and competition.

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Every day, we engage in countless negotiations and nobody wins them all.

Fight, Flight or Freeze

The toughest conversations we'll ever have are the ones that matter the most. Paradoxically, it's when the stakes are highest that it's the toughest for us to stay clear minded and calmly engaged - so when we really need to be our best, it's when it's hardest to be our best! Argh!

When you're ready to fight for something that you want (or don't want), there are things you can do to prepare your mindset and your presentation that give you the best odds of winning the negotiation. And, nobody wins every negotiation and nobody has tough conversations that always go swimmingly.

Negotiation is the domain of try, try and try again and keep on learning with every step. Great negotiators rarely give up prematurely, and we can always improve our own negotiation skills.

Standing at a Crossroad

Some of the most challenging negotiations are the ones we have with ourselves.

At the crossroads we're asking ourselves tough questions about choices, options and best bets. Do I stay or do I go, do I risk speaking up or do I risk even more by being silent? Is this all there is to my career? Is this really worth it?

Whether it's time to change the game plan or it's time to refocus and stop dreaming about options, embedded in change are enormous challenges and opportunities. We like to focus on the upside of challenges, regularly asking ourselves if it were impossible to fail, what brave thing would we do?

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Excel in what's most important to you.

Whether we're building a business or a career,
we all hit walls, get stuck, frustrated and tired.

Just don't stay that way!

Jump into the flow of high-performance.