JUMPSTART and accelerate team performance


High performance teams aren't just a lucky accident, they are purposeful coordination of intention and action, focused on a specific, measurable outcome.

Big goals get accomplished with synchronized actions of a group of people.

Guaranteed result?  YES!  We guarantee that the level of cooperation and effectiveness far surpasses any experience of teamwork prior to JUMPSTART.


Advanced Communication Skills

Personal development of every participant as a basis for a high performing level of team coordination

Team Development 

The Jump Start Training creates a powerful team of people, working toward the same goal and on the same project. The training accelerates development of a team relationship through improving and introducing new communication skills among individuals, departments and the organization as a whole, resulting in increased teamwork and efficiency. Silos communicate and coordinate.

The workshop participants gain:

+ A clear knowledge of who they are and what the team is up to

+ A high sense of responsibility for the success of the goals

+ A feeling of being united toward a common goal

+ Awareness of the importance of each person on the team

+ A new sense of appreciating each other's best qualities

+ An appetite to do what it takes to win a big game

+ Able to support each other through "thick and thin"

+ A sudden and almost total absence of gossiping, complaining, back-biting, politics, envy, and competition among the team members